Dying to Get Your Hands on a Pipe?

Status on Classes

Classes are absolutely coming back to Art by Fire. We love to teach and it's killing us that we can't right now. There's nothing like seeing the joy on someone's face when you help them create.

At Art by Fire, we pride ourselves on letting students really experience glassblowing. You are deeply involved and not a bystander. You use the tools and when making blown pieces, you are blowing.

To create that immersive experience for you, we have to guide your hands and be ready to step in for safety. To do that we have to be closer than current Covid guidelines allow. We have to stay within 6 feet of you the majority of the time. This is the only way to provide the level of experience we want to give you and you have come to expect.

So, to be prudent with Covid around, we are going to have to wait a bit for numbers to drop more and vaccines to be available for our team.

Stay tuned and we'll be back with classes as soon as we can!