Small Blown Bud Vase: "Twilight Sky"

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The time just after the sun goes below the horizon is one of the most beautiful times of the day. On a clear day, the sky has beautiful blues - sapphire to midnight blue. This little vase has much of the same effect - calming, uplifting, and soothing blues. You will find it changes in light conditions, but always with beautiful hues of blue. The vase is wonderful for nearly any decor. It is a wonderful statement on its own but would be elegant with just a single, or couple, of small flowers. Makes a wonderful gift for any home or occasion.

Dress your home for any occasion with our beautiful art. This vase was made at our glassblowing studio, Art by Fire, in historic Issaquah, Washington. Photos are all shot on location here in downtown Issaquah. Glassblowing classes are taught here in our studio for nearly all ages. All our art is lovingly made by our small team of glassblowers using hand-tools and techniques passed on for centuries in the glassblowing tradition.

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