Glass Hand Sign Paperweight - ASL Sign Language 'I Love You'

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This hand-made glass blown hand sign is a perfect gift for your loved ones who are deaf, ASL translators, or really admire the ASL language. Or, this is a fun decoration for those who see this hand sign as the Sign of the Horns and like the physical reminder to keep on rockin'. 

These glass hand signs were made at our glassblowing studio, Art by Fire, in historic Issaquah, Washington. All our art is lovingly made by our small team of glassblowers using hand-tools and techniques passed on for centuries in the glassblowing tradition.

As we have multiple of these hand signs in stock, and because they are each hand-made pieces, every piece will be slightly different.

The pieces measure about:
3.9-4.75 inches in height
4-4.75 inches in length
2.10-2.35 inches in width.

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