Blown Glass Ornament. Purple - ABF Series

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This is one of a series of 5 ornaments from our ABF (Art by Fire) Series. This one has shades of dark purple to mauve on white. A truly unique and beautiful combination of colors in an artful random coating. Colors can vary and are part of the art of glassblowing process; and in the light where it is displayed. The globe shown is representative - each one is unique and different. This high quality ornament will be handed down through the generations, and hold a special place for this holiday season.

Dress your home for any occasion with our beautiful art. This ornament was made at our glassblowing studio, Art by Fire, in historic Issaquah, Washington. All our art is lovingly made by our small team of glassblowers using hand-tools and techniques passed on for centuries in the glassblowing tradition.

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