Friends in Issaquah and Nearby We Need Your Help

A fresh city decision is endangering the survival of Art by Fire and the 14 restaurants on Front St. Due to concerns raised by a handful of businesses on Front St. about parking and wanting to have car traffic, the mayor and city staff have decided to reduce the Streatery from May through September down to only 4 weekends. 

The Streatery let us close a couple of blocks on Front St. for dining and strolling on the weekends last year. It created a fun, safe, relaxing atmosphere on Front Street during all the lockdown misery. With the loosened restrictions, this year was going to be even better.

All of us at Art by Fire and the 14 restaurants were counting on having you all come back to us this summer. We don’t only want to put on the Streatery for you, we need to. We aren’t asking for handouts. We are just asking to be allowed to provide you a good time. The Downtown Issaquah Association is putting on the entire Streatery and is all set to do it. The city just has to say yes.

This is a very fresh decision and can still be reversed. So, we are begging for your help. We are the last surviving visual arts maker on Front St. We really want to stay in Issaquah continuing to enjoy the relationships we’ve built with so many of you over the years.

How to help – email or call all these people and tell them you want the Streatery to happen every weekend and how important this is to keep the charming, quaint downtown we all love. Ask the city council to call an urgent special meeting to examine this decision by the mayor and city staff.

Mayor Mary Lou Pauly: 425-837-3020

Economic Development, Jen Davis Hayes: 425-837-3414

City Administrator, Wally Bubkiewicz: 425-837-3023 

City Council:  members:

  • Barbara de Michele
  • Chris Reh
  • Lindsey Walsh
  • Stacy Goodman
  • Tola Marts
  • Victoria Hunt
  • Zach Hall