A native of Washington State, I treasure the wildness of nature, which is never far from our doors. As a child, when not exploring outside, I was always making drawings and paintings. I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where I was surrounded by glass paperweights, sculptures and paintings.

I discovered a glass gallery and hot shop near my hometown, in Issaquah, Washington. I was immediately fascinated by the artistic process and the end results and signed up for a class, and then another. I felt a strong connection with the environment of the hot shop, the flow of the molten material and the sense of teamwork involved to produce an exceptional piece of glass.

After a series of classes, I became an intern and then a full-time employee at Art by Fire of Issaquah, eventually teaching classes, developing production work for the gallery, assisting the owners in their creative explorations and working on my own concepts for glass vessels and sculptures.

Studies and Exhibitions

Summer Session - September 2013, at Pilchuck.

Private Study – May and June 2014, Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano, Italy; studied with Maestro Giancarlo Signoretto.

Summer Session - August 2015, Juried Admission Advanced Glassblowing, at Pilchuck.

Sammamish, Washington Annual Juried Arts Fair – October 2015

Corning International Award Nominee for Summer 2016, at Pilchuck


Twitter Corporate Collection, Cupertino, California

Various private collections